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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Features of volt-farad dependence of nonideal heterojunctions barrier capacityBorschak, V.A.; Vilinskaya, L.N.; Kutalova, M.I.; Zatovskaya, N.P.; Karpenko, A.O.
2017Features teaching physics for students of construction specialtiesGokhman, A.; Vilinskaya, L.; Pysarenko, А.; Burlak, G.М.
2017Features Teaching Physics for Students of Construction SpecialtiesGokhman, A.; Vilinskaya, L.; Pysarenko, А.; Burlak, G.М.
2017Features Teaching Physics for Students of Construction SpecialtiesVilinskaya, L.D.; Gokhman, A; Pysarenko, A.; Burlak, G.
2018Fibre-reinforced decorative composite: the effects of composition on the strenghtLyashenko, T.V.; Dovgan, A.D.; Dovgan, P.M.
2015Fly ash and its influence on the properties of mechano-activated cement compositionsMostovoi, S.N.; Barabash, I.V.; Ksenshkevich, L.N.; Krantovskaja, E.N.
2015Forced harmonic oscillations of the euler-bernoulli beam with resistance forcesKrutiy, Yu.S.
2020Forced vibrations of arch systems in its planeBalduk, P.; Korneeva, I.; Neutov, S.
2017Formation of knowledges system in educational processVyrovoy, V. N; Zavoloka, M.V; Sukhanov, V.G
2017Formation of the creative aspect in the figure on the example of implementation "plot - thematic stall life" students of the first course of architectural specialtiesBelgorodskaya, Y.Y.; Bashkatov, P.P.
2017Forming of positive motivation of future civil engineers for multimedia technologies use when solving professional tasksDubinina, N.; Storozhuk, S.
2014Frequency spectrum and main forms free transverse oscillation of cantilevered wedge with taking account of resistanceKrutiy, Yu.S.
2018From experience of preparation bases under clay soils of motorways and buildings with lime pillingPyvonos, V.М.; Pyvonos, V.М.; Loginovа, L.A.; Loginova, L.V.
2020Frost resistance of construction composites during one-sided freezingNepomyashchy, О.М.; Vyrovoy, V.M.; Makarova, S.S.; Khomenko, A.A.
2008General concept by preservation model of cinque terre national park, Italy. (From smart history towards common European heritage)Yeksareva, N.; Yeksarev, A.
2020Geodesic mappings of spaces with special vector fieldsKiosak, V.; Lesechko, O.
2019GEODESIC MONITORING DURING TEMPLE RESTORATIONZakharchuk, V.; Tretenkov, V.; Shishkalova, N.
2018Geometry of the tracery of the gothic windowsNikitenko, О.; Karsznia, К.; Kalinin, A.
2015Heat-insulating gypsum based plaster compositionsLyashenko, T.; Kersh, V.; Kolesnikov, A.
2020How to get students' attention to your lectureChernieva, O.