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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979Perturbed motions of a rigid body, close to the Lagrange caseAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Chernousko, F.L.
2011Perturbed rotation of a rigid body close to the lagrange case under stochastic oscillations of poin of supportLeshchenko, D.D.
1990Perturbed rotation of a rigid body relative to a fixed pointLeshchenko, D.D.; Sallam, S.N.
1990Perturbed rotational motion of a rigid bodyLeshchenko, D.D.
1990Perturbed rotational motions of a rigid body similar to regular precessionLeshchenko, D.D.; Sallam, S.N.
1987Perturbed rotational motions of a rigid body that are close to regular precession in the Lagrange caseLeshchenko, D.D.; Shamaev, A.S.
2016Perturbed Rotations of a Rigid Body Close to the Lagrange Case under the Action of Unsteady Perturbation TorquesAkulenko, L.D.; Kozachenko, T.A.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Zinkevich, Ya S.
1998Perturbed rotations of a rigid body, close to the Lagrange caseAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.
2019Problems of compressed elementsChernieva, O.; Horžić, T.
2001Problems of Evolution of Rotations of a Rigid Body under the Action of Perturbing MomentsAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Kushpil, T.A.; Timoshenko, I.A.
2016Problems of students mobility between the Odessa state academy of civil engineering and architecture and the university of north in framework of the erasmus programAniskin, A.; Popov, O.
Aug-2017Production technology of modified expanded clay lightweight concrete for floating structuresKroviakov, S.; Mishutn, A.
2018Project approach to sustainable developmentRybak, A.I.; Kolodinsky, S.B.; Bileha, O.V.; Bedrii, D.I.; Azarova, I.B.
2013Public relations (PR) як організаційно-психологічний чинник залучення абітурієнтів до вищої школиКушніренко, І.Ю.
2018Quasi-Optimal Braking of Rotations of a Body with a Moving Mass Coupled to It through a Quadratic Friction Damper in a Resisting MediumAkulenko, L.D.; Kozachenko, T.A.; Leshchenko, D.D.
2017Quasi-optimal deceleration of rotations of a rigid body with a moving mass in a resistive mediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Shchetinina, Yu.S.
2014Quasi-Optimal Dеceleration of Rotations of an Asymmetric Body in Resistive MediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Rachinskaya, A.L.
2015Quasi-оptimal rotation deceleration of a dynamically asymmetric body in a resistive мediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Rachinskaya, A.L.; Zinkevich, Y.S.
2018Quest-екзамен з математики. Досвід проведенняКомлєва, Т.О.
2014Range spectrum of critical forces for a resilient core with the variable transversal rigidity changing under the law of the fourth degreeKrutiy, Yu. S.