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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Basis of force and deformation-force resistance of reinforced concrete at the complex stress-strain stateKarpiuk, V.; Oreskovic, M.; Somina, Yu.; Kostiuk, A.I.
2017Benchmarking as Management Tool of Business Marketing ActivitySelezneva, O.; Bileha, O.; Didur, T.
2019BIM-технологии в учебном процессеСебова, А.Ю.
2017Birthday Congrat ulations on the 80th birthday of academician Felix Leonidovich ChernouskoLeshchenko, D.D.; Hedrik(Stevanovich), K.
2016Business model for a sea commercial port as a way to reach sustainable development goalsNitsenko, V.; Nyenno, I.; Kryukova, I.; Kalyna (Zinchenko), T.; Plotnikova, M.
2018Calculation of non-homogeneous anisotropic rectangular plates with arbitrary fixation on the conturZavrak, N.V.; Semchuk, P.P.
Jun-2015Calculation of short length pile with widening using modern computersБарчукова, Т.М.
2014Calculation on stability of resilient cores with the arbitrariest continuous variable transversal rigidity the method of the direct integrationKrutiy, Yu.S.
2017Capacity of damaged reinforced concrete beamsKlymenko, I.V.; Arez Mohammed, I.
2019Change of the physical and mechanical characteristics of concrete depending on the dosage of surface additivesPlit, A.D.; Zavoloka, M.V.; Shynkevych, O.S.
2019Changes in higher education system of UkraineKondratenko, O.I.; Bachinskyi, V.V.
2020Changes in lighting standarts and their influence on the architecture and energy efficiency of modern residential buildingsVitvitskaya, E.V.; Tarasevich, D.V.
2017Choosing rational organizational and technological solutions on the grain storages construction or renovation sitesNikiforov, A.
2019Civil Construction Optimization of architectural, constructive, organization and technological decisionsKlymenko, Y.V.; Menejljuk, Oleksandr; Cherepashchuk, Larysa; Grynyova, Iryna; Menejljuk, Ivan; Nikiforov, Oleksiy; Sayenko, Denys
2004Comments on hypoplasticity in computational geotechnicsSikora, Z.; Lapina, O.; Popov, O.
2020Comparative analysis of research and calculated values of bearing capacity of reinforced concrete and basalt concrete beams according to recommendations of national design standardsKarpiuk, I.; Karpiuk, V.; Klimenko, E.; Tselikova, A.; Khudobych, A.
2018Composition effect on the strength of modified expanded clay lightweight concreteKroviakov, S.O.; Mishutin, A.V.; Pishev, O.V.; Kryzhanovskiy, V.O.
2009Compromise optimisation of heat insulating and mechanical properties of high performance autoclaved aerated concreteVoznesensky, V.; Lyashenko, T.; Gavrilyuk, V.
2007Compromise optimization of slag alkaline binders with computational materials science methodsLyashenko, T.; Voznesensky, V.