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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Management of students independent work by department of OP&LPFaizulina, O.A.; Bespalova, A.V.
2015Marketing research baced on the use of information and communication technologiesOklander, T.O.
Feb-2013Marketing systems of «pushing» and «pulling» types.Oklander, T.O.
2016Media discourse in lectures аnd practical learning materialSyvokin, H.; Maryanko, Y.
2018Method ot the restoring and reinforcement of damaged bending reinforced concrete elements under cyclic loading.Karpiuk, V.M.; Danilenko, D.S.; Somina, Yu.A.
2017Methodological support forming composite thinking among students architectural specialties during art educationBelgorodskaya (Bilgorods'ka), O.Y.; Konshyna, O.M.
2020Methodology for determining maturity of compositional skills in architecture studentsGrigoryeva, V.B.; Spodeniuk, S.I.; Poronik, E.G.
2018Methods of strategic analysis of environment construction enterprisesAzhaman, I.
2020Methods of teaching courses departments of theoretical mechanics atenglishFomin, V.M.; Fomina, I.P.
2018Metóda študijúcich literaturnych prác Na architektúruRonn, F.; Vasylenko, O.; Polshcikova, N.
2018Model of crack growth influence on elastic deformation of concrete.Stolevich, O.I.
2012Modelling the effect of composition on the properties of gypsum concrete containing cenospheresLyashenko, T.; Kersh, V.; Kersh, D.
2020Modern architecture in historical development (concepts and approaches)Melnik, N.V.; Demenko, A.Ye.; Mirets, M.
2016Modern design. Peculiar features. TerminologyMaryanko, Y.; Zaytseva, O.; Syvokin, A.; Kartel, T.
2018Modern of calendar plans technique composition for construction of building complexFaizulyna, O.A.; Bespalova, A.V.; Dashkovskaya, O.P.; Knush, A.I.
2013Modern ukrainian industry development trendsTiulkina, K.O.; Kostenok, O.Y.; Hetman, V.
2017Modified expanded clay light weight concretes for thin-walled reinforced concrete floating structuresMishutіn, A.V.; Kroviakov, S.; Pishev, O.; Soldo, B.
1975Motion of a ponderous rigid body with a fixed point in a mildly resisting mediumLeshchenko, D.D.
1985Motion of a satellite relative to the center of mass under the action of light-pressure forcesLeshchenko, D.D.; Shamaev, A.S.
2018Multi-criteria analysis of lightweight monolithic overlappingsMeneiliuk, A.I.; Meneiliuk, I.O.; Kolotylo, T.; Rohozhynskaya, A.