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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
мар-2015Peculiarities of the soil deformation process at the bases of experimental settlement platesTugaenko Y.; Marchenko M.; Tkalich A.; Mosicheva I.
2012Percolation Model of Composites: Fraction Clasters and Initial BoundariesHerega, A.; Vyrovoy, V.; Pysarenko, A.
авг-2017Production technology of modified expanded clay lightweight concrete for floating structuresKroviakov, S.; Mishutn, A.
2018Project approach to sustainable developmentRybak, A.I.; Kolodinsky, S.B.; Bileha, O.V.; Bedrii, D.I.; Azarova, I.B.
2017Quasi-optimal deceleration of rotations of a rigid body with a moving mass in a resistive mediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Shchetinina, Yu.S.
2014Quasi-Optimal Dеceleration of Rotations of an Asymmetric Body in Resistive MediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Rachinskaya, A.L.
2014Range spectrum of critical forces for a resilient core with the variable transversal rigidity changing under the law of the fourth degreeKrutiy, Yu. S.
2015Rapid Rotational Motion of a Satellite With Viscous Fluid Under the Action of the External Resistance Torque in the Gravitational FieldLeshchenko, D.; Akulenko, L.; Rachinskaya, A.; Shchetinina, Y.
2017«Reading» the structure of the former Diocesan school, its rehabilitationYeksareva, N.; Yeksarev, V.
сен-2017Recipe-technological features of carbonization hardening of lightweight concreteGara, A.; Aniskin, A.; Oreskovic, M.
2017Recovering visual contacts in the historic cityscapeFrolova, Y.
2016Regularities of dust formation during stone cutting for construction worksLebedev, V.G.; Bespalova, A.V.; Dashkovskaya, O.P.
авг-2016Regularities of soil filtration coefficient changes on the application of ground injection technologyMeneylyuk, A.; Borisov, A.; Petrovskiy, A.; Nikiforov, A.
2014Regulation sustainable spatial development of citiesPandas, A.; Semenov, V.
2017Research of the foreign countries experience in regulation of investment processes in building sphereShlafman, N.; Frolina, K.
сен-2013Rezultati ispitivanja oštećenih gredat-presjeka Test results of the damaged t-section beamsKlimenko, Y.; Chernieva, O.; Arez Mohammed, Ismael
2015Role of own deformations of hardening binder in concrete structure organizationVyrovoy, V.; Korobko, O.; Sukhanov, V.; Kotsiurubenko, O.
2016Role of polymer components of mixture as Non-Newtonian fluidsPopov, O.; Moskalova, K.; Rozhnyuk, E.
2006Search for optimal compromise compositions of fibrous polymer-cement dry mixes with computational materials science methodsVoznesensky, V.; Lyashenko, T.; Sokha, V.; Karapuzov, E.
2017Seepage protection of irrigation canals using horizontal directional drillingMeneylyuk, A.; Petrovskiy, A.; Borisov, A.; Nikiforov, A.