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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Technological events in structural evolution of building compositesVyrovoy, V.; Korobko, О.; Ielkin, O.
2015Technology influence of the mineral and polymer additives on adhesion of plaster solutionsPopov, O.; Moskalova, K.
2014Technology of polymer-cement mixes preparation with specified rheological propertiesPopov, O.; Moskalova, K.
2017Territorial development of settlements in the area of influence of a big cityPandas, A.
2018The character of cracking in the beams with loop jointsMalakhov, V.V.; Vykydanets, S.М.
2010The concept of territory geoplanning in Ukraine geographiTopchiev, O.; Oliynuk, V.; Melnuchenko, T.
2017The concept of the complex line of the electric transport the high-speed tram – the monorail in odessa in the conditions of renovation of the port territoryKhalin, V.V.
2017The concept of the complex line of the electric transport the high-speed tram-the monorail in Odessa in the conditions of renovation of the port territory/Khalin, V.V.
2020The dependence of the appearance of certain types buildings from the principles of existence of societiesDenydenko, Yu.N.
2017The development of cluster type network structures as one of the preferential course of the governmental policy of UkraineBileha, O.; Selezneva, O.; Rudinska, O.
2017The development of innovative activity in the educational processДубініна, Н.В.; Сторожук, С.С.
2020The effect of modified additives on strength and frost resistance in fibrous concrete of rigid road pavementsMishutin, A.V.; Chintea, L.
2017The evolution of the motions of a rigid body close to the Lagrange case under the action of an unsteady torqueAkulenko, L.D.; Zinkevich, Y.S.; Kozachenko, T.A.; Leshchenko, D.D.
2019The exact solution of the differential equation of the compelled cross vibrations of the core with any continuous parametersKrutii, Yu.; Surianinov, M.; Osadchiy, V.
2006The first fundamental plane problem of thermoelasticity for anisotropic solid.Gavdzinski, V.N.; El-Sheikh, M.; Maltseva, E.V.
2005The generalised dinamical problem of thermoelasticy for the hollow cylinderGavdzinski, V.; El-Sheikh, M.; Maltseva, E.
2018The generalised dynamical problem of thermoelasticity for the hollow sphere.Gavdzinski, V.N.; Maltseva, E.V.
2019The influence of geometric characteristics of the product on the moisture loss kineticsDovgan, I.V.; Kolesnikov, A.V.; Semenova, S.V.; Kyrylenko, G.A.; Makovetskaya, E.A.
2017The influence of solar radiation on the temperature of outdoor metal structuresPushkar, N.V.; Pashinsky, V.V.