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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Modelling the effect of composition on the properties of gypsum concrete containing cenospheresLyashenko, T.; Kersh, V.; Kersh, D.
2020Modern architecture in historical development (concepts and approaches)Melnik, N.V.; Demenko, A.Ye.; Mirets, M.
2016Modern design. Peculiar features. TerminologyMaryanko, Y.; Zaytseva, O.; Syvokin, A.; Kartel, T.
2018Modern of calendar plans technique composition for construction of building complexFaizulyna, O.A.; Bespalova, A.V.; Dashkovskaya, O.P.; Knush, A.I.
2013Modern ukrainian industry development trendsTiulkina, K.O.; Kostenok, O.Y.; Hetman, V.
2017Modified expanded clay light weight concretes for thin-walled reinforced concrete floating structuresMishutіn, A.V.; Kroviakov, S.; Pishev, O.; Soldo, B.
1975Motion of a ponderous rigid body with a fixed point in a mildly resisting mediumLeshchenko, D.D.
1985Motion of a satellite relative to the center of mass under the action of light-pressure forcesLeshchenko, D.D.; Shamaev, A.S.
2018Multi-criteria analysis of lightweight monolithic overlappingsMeneiliuk, A.I.; Meneiliuk, I.O.; Kolotylo, T.; Rohozhynskaya, A.
2016Multidimensionality of organizational and technological management of transport facilities construction enterpriseMeneylyuk, A.; Nikiforov, A.
2020Multiсriterial search for rational solutions when developing building compositesLyashenko, T.V.; Antoniuk, N.R.
2019My three quick starters of the lectureChernieva, Olena
2019Nanotechnological techniques of obtaining building composites on a silicate matix of thermo-moisture hardeningLutskin, Y.S.; Shynkevych, O.S.; Surkov, O.I.; Myronenko, I.M.
2017New generation building code DBNV.1.- 1-12:2014 "Construction in seismic regions of Ukraine"Nemchynov, I.; Maryenkov, N.; Babik, K.; Khavkin, A.; Poklonsky, V.; Fesenko, O.; Bogdan, D.; Nemchynova, L.; Egupov, K.; Dorofeev, V.; Shekhovtsov, I.; Petrash, S.; Kukunaev, V.; Gudkov, B.; Kendzera, A.; Omelchenko, V.; Pustovitenko, B.; Kulchytskyi, V.; Pustovitenko, A.; Sklyar, A.
2019NikitenkooKalinin, A.A.; Kalinina, T.A.; Kolvaleva, G.V.
2020Note on the solving the Laplace tidal equation with linear dissipationErshkov, S.V.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Giniyatullin, A. R.
2020Note on the trapped motion in ER3BP at the vicinity of barycentreErshkov, S.; Leshchenko, D.; Rachinskaya, A.
2015Nowadays problems of increasing the efficiency of the country’s safetyBachinskyi, V.V.; Khyzhniak, Zh.
2015Numerical and analytical boundary element method application in coffer type construction analysisСурьянинов, Н.Г.; Chuchmai, O.; Shyliaiev, O.S.
2013Odessa-energy efficiency and problems of urban areas humanizationTopal, S.