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Title: Evolution of motions of a rigid body about its center of mass
Authors: Chernousko, F.L.
Akulenko, L.D.
Leshchenko, D.D.
Keywords: problems of mechanics
problem of motion
rigid body
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG
Series/Report no.: ;p.35
Abstract: The book presents a unified and well-developed approach to the dynamics of angular motions of rigid bodies subjected to perturbation torques of different physical nature. It contains both the basic foundations of the rigid body dynamics and of the asymptotic method of averaging. The rigorous approach based on the averaging procedure is applicable to bodies with arbitrary ellipsoids of inertia. Action of various perturbation torques, both external (gravitational, aerodynamical, solar pressure) and internal (due to viscous fluid in tanks, elastic and visco-elastic properties of a body) is considered in detail. The book can be used by researchers, engineers and students working in attitude dynamics of spacecraft.
ISBN: 978-3-319-53927-0
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