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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Decorative concrete with hybrid glass fibre: design and first results of the experimentLyashenko, T.V.; Dovgan, A.D.; Dovgan, P.M.
2017Deflection and bending moments amplitude distribution at the forced oscillations of the Euler-Bernoulli beamKrutyi, Y.
2017Deformation-strength model application at the determing of reinforced concrete structures stress-strain stateKarpiuk, V.M.; Kostiuk, A.I.; Somina, Yu.A.; Danilenko, D.S.
2016Dependence of soil hydraulic conductivity of the adopted technological solutionsMeneylyuk, A.; Petrovskyi, А.F.; Borisov, А.А.; Babij, I.
Dec-2018Descriptive geometry course addressed to the civil engineering students at Odessa State AcademyNikitenko, O.; Kernytskyy, I.; Kalinin, A.; Dumanskaya, V.
2004Design of repair compositions for concrete by workability and durability criteria with methods of computational materials scienceLyashenko, T.; Voznesensky, V.; Dovgan, A.D.; Podagelis, I.; Sharshunov, A.
2016Determination of competitive ability of companies producing concrete and concrete articles based on dual assessment of service performancePedko, I.A.
2016Determination of the planned positionZakharchuk, V.; Kolykhanin, S.; Shyshkalova, N.
2015Determining Directions of Market Researches by Concrete Manufacturing EnterprisesPedko, I.A.
2017Development of combined method for analysis of financial risks of investment projectVasil’ev, A.; Vasil’eva, N.; Tupko, N.
2020Development of antique colony cities of the Black sea in the hellenistic periodPlahotny, G.; Varych, A.; Chub, O.
2015Development of CAD implementing the algorithm of boundary elements’ numerical analytical methodСурьянинов, Н.Г.; Korniyenko, Yu.V.
2017Dialogical form of communication in practical learning material.Syvokin, H.; Maryanko, Y.; Kartel, T.
Jun-2015Differential method of estimation of soil resistance characteristic according to the results of the pile testsTugаenko, Y.; Tkalich, A.; Marchenko, M.; Loginova, L.V.
2020Dispersed-reinforced decorative concrete: influence of composition factors on shrinkage deformationsDovgan, A.D.; Vyrovoy, V.М.; Dovgan, P.М.
2016Does abrasion resistance correlate to strength?Lyashenko, T.
2016Drawing training of students – main basis engineers’ educationBredneva, V.; Kosharskaya, L.; Linetskaya, A.
Sep-2009Durability of sloping sections of the eccentrically stretched reinforced-concrete beamsДорофеев, В.С.; Карпюк, В.М.; Петров, Н.Н.
2020Dynamics of a charged particle in electromagnetic field with joule effectErshkov, S.V.; Leshchenko, D.
2020Education and science reform in UkraineKondratenko, O.; Shkurpyt, O.; Kondratenko, V.; Bachinskyi, V.