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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Decorative concrete with hybrid glass fibre: design and first results of the experimentLyashenko, T.V.; Dovgan, A.D.; Dovgan, P.M.
2017Deflection and bending moments amplitude distribution at the forced oscillations of the Euler-Bernoulli beamKrutyi, Y.
2021Deformability and crack resistance of airfield slabsSurianimov, M.G.; Neutov, S.P.; Korneeva, I.B.
2021Deformability of reinforced concrete beams under the action of cyclic loadingSomina, Yu.A.; Karpiuk, V.M.
2017Deformation-strength model application at the determing of reinforced concrete structures stress-strain stateKarpiuk, V.M.; Kostiuk, A.I.; Somina, Yu.A.; Danilenko, D.S.
2016Dependence of soil hydraulic conductivity of the adopted technological solutionsMeneylyuk, A.; Petrovskyi, А.F.; Borisov, А.А.; Babij, I.
Dec-2018Descriptive geometry course addressed to the civil engineering students at Odessa State AcademyNikitenko, O.; Kernytskyy, I.; Kalinin, A.; Dumanskaya, V.
2021Design models of the bearing capacity of the support sections of basalt-concrete beam structuresKarpiuk, І.А.; Tselikova, A.S.; Karpiuk, V.M.; Khudobych, A.A.; Korchevnyi, D.S.; Kravchuk, V.G
2004Design of repair compositions for concrete by workability and durability criteria with methods of computational materials scienceLyashenko, T.; Voznesensky, V.; Dovgan, A.D.; Podagelis, I.; Sharshunov, A.
2016Determination of competitive ability of companies producing concrete and concrete articles based on dual assessment of service performancePedko, I.A.
2021Determination of main technical parameters in formins fountalns in the urban spacesTserkovna, O.G.
2022Determination of the parameters of the required FRP reinforcement of metallic shells of cylindrical tanksDziuba, S.V.; Korshak, O.M.; Mikhailov, O.O.
2016Determination of the planned positionZakharchuk, V.; Kolykhanin, S.; Shyshkalova, N.
2015Determining Directions of Market Researches by Concrete Manufacturing EnterprisesPedko, I.A.
2017Development of combined method for analysis of financial risks of investment projectVasil’ev, A.; Vasil’eva, N.; Tupko, N.
2023Development of a training course on modern mechatronics as one of the most important components of aditive technologiesVashpanov, Y.
2020Development of antique colony cities of the Black sea in the hellenistic periodPlahotny, G.; Varych, A.; Chub, O.
2015Development of CAD implementing the algorithm of boundary elements’ numerical analytical methodСурьянинов, Н.Г.; Korniyenko, Yu.V.
2022Development of students of Art abilities in the creative space of "Ecological marginalization"Valyuk, Yu.P.
2017Dialogical form of communication in practical learning material.Syvokin, H.; Maryanko, Y.; Kartel, T.