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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Education and science reform in UkraineKondratenko, O.; Shkurpyt, O.; Kondratenko, V.; Bachinskyi, V.
2020Educational and methodical support of disciplines for foreign students of the direction ArchitectureKubrish, N.R.; Samoylova, O.M.; Oleshko, L.I.
2014Effect of aggregate type on strength of lightweight concreteStreltcov, K.A.; Barabash, I.V.; Ksеnshkevich, L.N.
2018Effect of basalt fiber on the viability of sand concrete mixturesBarabash, I.V.; Kroviakov, S.O.; Vorokhaev, A.I.
2019Effect of europe strategy 2020 and national regional policies on smart cities developmentSostar, Marko; Andrlic, Berislav; Popov, Oleg
17-Nov-2008Effect of sulphur atoms on surface current in gaas P-n junctionsPtashchenko, O.O.; Ptashchenko, F.O.; Masleyeva, N.V.; Bogdan, O.V.; Shugarova, V.V.
2019Effective butt joints of bar reinforcement in modern monolithic housing constructionZavoloka, M.V.; Zavoloka, Y.M.; Grynyova, I.I.; Zavoloka, Y.V.
2016Efficient reconstruction of engineering buildings in conditions of organizational constraintsNikiforov, A.; Menejljuk, I.O.; Ershov, M.
2020Egonomic factors that promote the formation of rehabilitation centers for children with disabilitiesMalashenkova, V.A.; Glidin, D.Y.
2016Energy saving for hydraulic equipment on the base of adjustment of flow structureArsiry, V.; Golubova, D.; Serbova, Y.
2015Ensuring performance coatings of concrete for roads, due to their modificationsSolonenko, I.
2015Enterprises Management Marketing Activities System DevelopmentBileha, O.; Seleznova, O.
2018Erecting constructions of complex configuration with using of pneumatic formworkHalushko, V.; Kolomiychuk, V.
2016Estimation of influence of strength anisotropy in problems of interaction of the retaining wall with heterogeneous foundationsVoytenko, I.V.
2012Estimation of Stiffness on the Basis of Theoretical and Experimental Results of PT Slabs with Big SpansBożo, Soldo; Predrag, Presecki; Miljenko, Kovac; Matija, Oreskovic; Klimenko, Y.V.
2019Evaluation of the surface water quality of the turunchuk river for drip irrigation systemsBlazhko, A.P.
2021Evolution of a heavy rigid body rotation under the action of unsteady restoring and perturbation torquesLeshchenko, D.; Ershkov, S.; Kozachenko, Т.
2017Evolution of motions of a rigid body about its center of massChernousko, F.L.; Akulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.
2016Evolution of perturbed rotations of an asymmetric Gyro in a gravitational field and a resisting mediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Rachinskaya, A.L.; Shchetinina, Yu.S.
2007Evolution of rotation of a dynamically symmetric satellite under the action of gravitational and light pressure torguesSuksova, S.G.; Leshchenko, D.D.