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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2014Effect of aggregate type on strength of lightweight concreteStreltcov K.A.; Barabash I.V.; Ksеnshkevich L.N.
17-ноя-2008Effect of sulphur atoms on surface current in gaas P-n junctionsPtashchenko, O.O.; Ptashchenko, F.O.; Masleyeva, N.V.; Bogdan, O.V.; Shugarova, V.V.
2016Estimation of influence of strength anisotropy in problems of interaction of the retaining wall with heterogeneous foundationsVoytenko, I.V.
2012Estimation of Stiffness on the Basis of Theoretical and Experimental Results of PT Slabs with Big SpansBożo, Soldo; Predrag, Presecki; Miljenko, Kovac; Matija, Oreskovic; Klimenko, E.V.
2017Evolution of motions of a rigid body about its center of massChernousko, F.L.; Akulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.
2017Exact solution of the differential equation of transverse oscillations of the rod taking into account own weightKrutii, Y.; Suriyaninov, M.; Vandynskyi, V.
2016Experimental research of combined joints of wallboards from natural hardening foam concreteKostyuk, A.; Kovtunenko, D.
1995Experimental-statistical modeling in computational materials scienceLyashenko, T.; Voznesensky, V.
2017Features teaching physics for students of construction specialtiesGokhman, A.; Vilinskaya, L.; Pysarenko, А.; Burlak, G.
2015Fly ash and its influence on the properties of mechano-activated cement compositionsMostovoi S.N.; Barabash I.V.; Ksёnshkevich L.N.; Krantovskaja E.N.
2015Forced harmonic oscillations of the euler-bernoulli beam with resistance forcesKrutiy, Yu.S.
2017Formation of the creative aspect in the figure on the example of implementation "plot - thematic stall life" students of the first course of architectural specialtiesBelgorodskaya, Y.Y.; Bashkatov, P.P.
2014Frequency spectrum and main forms free transverse oscillation of cantilevered wedge with taking account of resistanceKrutiy, Yu.S.
2008General concept by preservation model of cinque terre national park, Italy. (From smart history towards common European heritage)Yeksareva, N.; Yeksarev, A.
2015Heat-insulating gypsum based plaster compositionsLyashenko, T.; Kersh, V.; Kolesnikov, A.
2017Injection propagation model in sandy soilPetrovskiy, A.F.; Babiy, I.N.; Borisov, A.A.
2017Innovation districts – a new form of urban functional and spatial organizationVershinin, V.I.
2017Innovative technology of horizontal protective shield arrangement using injectionMeneylyuk, A.; Borisov, A.; Petrovskiy, A.; Nikiforov, A.
2-июн-2015Investigation of anisotropic properties of shel limestone by models of bored pil in laboratory –like enviromentsNovskiy, A.; Novskiy, V.; Vivcharuk, B.
2017Isoparametric analysis when studying composite materialsLyashenko, T.; Dovgan, A.D.