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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Nanotechnological techniques of obtaining building composites on a silicate matix of thermo-moisture hardeningLutskin, Y.S.; Shynkevych, O.S.; Surkov, O.I.; Myronenko, I.M.
2017New generation building code DBNV.1.- 1-12:2014 "Construction in seismic regions of Ukraine"Nemchynov, I.; Maryenkov, N.; Babik, K.; Khavkin, A.; Poklonsky, V.; Fesenko, O.; Bogdan, D.; Nemchynova, L.; Egupov, K.; Dorofeev, V.; Shekhovtsov, I.; Petrash, S.; Kukunaev, V.; Gudkov, B.; Kendzera, A.; Omelchenko, V.; Pustovitenko, B.; Kulchytskyi, V.; Pustovitenko, A.; Sklyar, A.
2019NikitenkooKalinin, A.A.; Kalinina, T.A.; Kolvaleva, G.V.
2020Note on the solving the Laplace tidal equation with linear dissipationErshkov, S.V.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Giniyatullin, A. R.
2020Note on the trapped motion in ER3BP at the vicinity of barycentreErshkov, S.; Leshchenko, D.; Rachinskaya, A.
2015Nowadays problems of increasing the efficiency of the country’s safetyBachinskyi, V.V.; Khyzhniak, Zh.
2015Numerical and analytical boundary element method application in coffer type construction analysisСурьянинов, Н.Г.; Chuchmai, O.; Shyliaiev, O.S.
2013Odessa-energy efficiency and problems of urban areas humanizationTopal, S.
2019On a new type of solving procedure for Euler-Poisson equations (rigid body rotation over the fixed point)Ershkov, S.V.; Leshchenko, D.
May-2017On perfecting of Competency Approach to Graphic Training of futureBredniova, V.; Kosharskaya, L.; Luzina, T.
2019On the dynamics of non-rigid asteroid rotationErshkov, S.V.; Leshchenko, D.
1999On the evolution of rigid-body rotationsLeshchenko, D.D.
Apr-2017On the formation of professional graphics competencies by students building and maritime specialtiesBredniova, V.; Kosharskaya, L.; Linetskaya, А.
2016On the improvement of the methodology of engineer staff’s graphic training on the basis of optimization of psychological and pedagogical approachesBredniova, V.P.
2016On the improvement of the methodology of engineer staff’s graphic training..Bredniova, V.P.
2002On the justification of approximate solutions of integral equations in the contact problems of the theory of elasticityGavdzinski, V.; El-Sheikh, M.; Maltseva, E.
2001On the solutions of mixed plane problems that are unbounded where the boundary conditions changeEl-Sheikh, M.G.; Gavdzinski, V.N.; Radwan, A.E.
2010Optimal Braking of the Rotations of a Rigid Body with a Moving Mass in a Resisting MediumAkulenko, L.D.; Zinkevіch, Y.S.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Rachinskaya, A.L.
1997Optimal braking of the rotations of a rigid body with internal degrees of freedomAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.
2010Optimal deceleration of rotation of a dynamically symmetric body with a cavity filled with viscous liquid in a resistive mediumAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.; Rachinskaya, A.L.