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Title: Rapid Rotational Motion of a Satellite With Viscous Fluid Under the Action of the External Resistance Torque in the Gravitational Field
Authors: Leshchenko, D.
Akulenko, L.
Rachinskaya, A.
Shchetinina, Y.
Keywords: rigid body
viscous fluid
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: MESA
Series/Report no.: ;р.9
Abstract: Rapid rotational motion of a dynamically asymmetric satellite relative to the center of mass is studied. The satellite has a cavity filled with viscous fluid at low Reynolds numbers, and it moves under the action of gravitational torque and the external resistance torque. The rotational motions are considered within of the model of a quasi-rigid body whose center of mass moves in a circular orbit around the Earth. The problems of dynamics, generalized and complicated by accounting for various disturbing factor remain rather topical till now.
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