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Title: About the methodology of experimental investigation of the damages influence on the stress-strain state and the residual bearing capacity of the inclined sections of reinforced concrete beams
Authors: Polianskyi, K.V.
Keywords: reinforced concrete beams
damages in reinforced concrete
inclined section
residual bearing capacity
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: №71;с.73-77
Abstract: The article reports on the developed technique for conducting the experimental studies to determine the effect of concrete damages in compressed zone of rectangular cross-section reinforced concrete beams on their stressed-strain state and the residual bearing capacity of inclined sections with the formulation of studies using the mathematical method of experiment planning. In according to the experiment planning matrix, 15 samples of reinforced concrete beams were fabricated. The dimensions of the beams are 100×200×1200 mm and theworking span is 1000 mm. In the beams the artificial damages of the compressed zone of concrete are laid in advance in different sizes, the different size of the shear span are also used. Materials for beams: concrete ‒ grade C25/30; working longitudinal reinforcement ‒ Ø18 mm of grade A500C; constructive longitudinal reinforcement and transverse reinforcement ‒ Ø6 mm of grade А400С. To measure the deformations of reinforcement and concrete, strain gauges with a base of 10 mm for the steel reinforcement and 50 mm for the concrete are used. To determine the physical-mechanical properties of materials, control samples of cubes and prisms were selected.
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