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Title: The generalised dynamical problem of thermoelasticity for the hollow sphere.
Authors: Gavdzinski, V.N.
Maltseva, E.V.
Keywords: coupling constant
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The generalized dynamical problem of thermoelasticity for the hollow sphere has been considered. It is supposed that the propagation of the temperature is symmetric with respect to the center of the sphere. The temperature and stresses are equal to zero at initial time. Radial displacements and the heat flow are given at surfaces of the sphere. Due to complexity of the statement of such boundary-value problems the most of the published solutions have been obtained as a result of using approximate methods to expand these solutions in the form of series for small and large times. In this work the closed exact solution of the given problem has been received. In introducing thermoelastic potentials which are connected with the temperature and the displacement (quasistatic and dynamical potentials) the problem is reduced to the solution of the system of two differential equations of the second and the third order in partial derivatives with respect to the time and the space coordinate. To improve the convergence of series at the boundary of the sphere potentials are represented as the sum of two functions. One of these functions is the solution of the system of equations with homogeneous conditions and the other is with nonhomogeneous conditions.
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