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Title: About the significance of energy saving program. Ecological aspect
Authors: Voinov, O.P.
Elkin, Yu.G.
Keywords: energy saving
energy efficiency
power engineering
environmental friendliness
environmental protection
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The population of the Earth is growing with acceleration. Their needs are growing. Industry is developing intensively. The level of its energy efficiency is low. The harmful effects of production on the environment are increasing, especially the impact of power engineering, which is successfully developing regardless of the conditions in the state. Humanity has faced the problem of protecting and saving the natural environment and humanity from the harmful effects of industry, primarily from the growing impact of power engineering. The aim and tasks of the problem is to analyze the current environmental situation under the influence of global power engineering and ways to solve its tasks. In the power engineering objects on organic fuels the greatest damage to the natural environment is caused by boiler sets. The structure of the fuel and energy balance of power engineering in Ukraine is complex. In the depths of Ukraine, 95% of the energy is in solid fuel. In the fuel balance, the share of very expensive imported liquid and gaseous fuels is very large; it complicates the economic situation in the power engineering sector and in the state as a whole. The complex problem of the normalization of the structure of the fuel balance of the domestic power engineering has been formed. The stock of existing boilers is worn out; it needs an immediate full renovation.
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