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Title: Процесс деформирования и разрушения одноосно сжатого бетона на основе полных равновесных диаграмм
Authors: Совгира, В.В.
Keywords: деформирование
модуль упругости
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Актуальні проблеми інженерної механіки, III,2016
Series/Report no.: ;с.196-201
Abstract: Providing a reliable and continuous operation of reinforced concrete structures of buildings and structures under the influence of various factors on the stage of research, design and operation is reduced to solving systems of analytic equations, using mechanical, chemical and physical properties of materials only normalized strength and deformability to a uniform compression or tension . However, the concrete structure comprising a solid phase, pore space, micro- and macro cracks its rheological properties change and its heterogeneous c growth projected load for compressive strength (tension) affect the deformability, fracture toughness, and other properties of the least-plastic, which are insufficiently studied. The proposed analytical expressions describe the complete equilibrium diagrams of deformation and fracture of concrete prism of uniaxial compression strength fcm, 15 = 18.5; 38.2; 62.0 MPa, change secant modulus of elasticity, coefficient of elasticity and the coefficient KD destructions development at all load levels that characterize the process of violation of elastic-plastic properties of centrally compressed concrete with increasing load.
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