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Title: Change of the physical and mechanical characteristics of concrete depending on the dosage of surface additives
Authors: Plit, A.D.
Zavoloka, M.V.
Shynkevych, O.S.
Keywords: surface tension
concrete strength
separation of the ring
selection of composition
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Вісник ОДАБА
Series/Report no.: 77;с.142-149
Abstract: The results of the study of additives dosage effect of MC-Bauchemie superplasticizers on the physicomechanical characteristics of cement samples are presented. Due to surfactants, which are additives superplasticizers, the tension at the cement-water interface is reduced, which reduces the internal stress. In practice, it was found that the addition of surfactants significantly changes the basic physical and mechanical characteristics of cement samples. Also, during the study, it was found that with improper selection of the composition, a decrease in the strength characteristics of cement samples is noticeable.
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