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Title: Hydrochemical peculiarities of the groundwater composition of the dundry waterway region
Authors: Oleynik, T.P.
Semenova, S.V.
Makovetskaya, E.A.
Dmitrenko, М.Р.
Keywords: Black Sea artesian basin
underground water
hydrogeological region
hydrochemical analysis
water quality
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Одеса: ОДАБА
Series/Report no.: №78;с.143-151
Abstract: The water quality of surface sources of the Odessa region most often does not meet the requirements of regulatory documents, because of the increasing anthropogenic load on the environment, which adversely affects the health of the population. The article analyzes the state of water drinking resources of the Pridunaysky water management district of Ukraine and shows that surface water is not the main source of drinking water supply in the southern regions of the Odessa region. In some large and small settlements located in the Black Sea hydrogeological region, groundwater is the main source of water supply. The main advantage of underground sources when used for drinking water supply is their protection against pollution, bacteriological purity and constancy of the composition. Based on the experimental studies, the quality of the artesian waters of the Izmail was evaluated. The results of the quality assessment allow us to recommend them as sources of drinking water supply. Studies of the chemical composition of water in the centralized drinking water supply in Izmail have shown that the quality of drinking water meets the standards of DSTU 7525:2014 according to the investigated physical and chemical indicators. The hydrochemical composition of the investigated water corresponds to the geological features of the Pridunaysky water management area. It is concluded that there is a need for constant monitoring of the state of underground sources of the Black Sea Artesian Basin, which will allow to use water resources of the region more rationally.
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