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Title: Modelling the Relations of Rheological Characteristics with Composition of Plaster Mortar
Authors: Moskalova, Khrystyna
Lyashenko, Tatiana
Aniskin, Aleksej
Keywords: plaster mix
design of experiment
Ostwald–de-Waele model
experimental-statistical model
effects of composition
computational experiment
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Materials
Series/Report no.: 15, 371;1-15
Abstract: The rheological properties of fresh plaster mortars, with varied contents of porous fillers and polymer admixtures, have been studied. The quantities of fine limestone and expanded per- lite, and dosages of methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose and ethylene vinyl acetate were varied in the experiment. Effective viscosity (at a shear rate from 0.045 to 5.705 s−1) and the thixotropy of the mixes were determined with rotational viscometer for 18 compositions (according to the design of the experiment). Each of the 18 viscosity curves were described with the Ostwald–de-Waele equation. The Experimental–Statistical models describing the dependencies of the parameters of the rheological model and of mix thixotropy on the composition factors were built on the obtained data. ES-models have allowed the individual and synergetic effects of mix components on the rheological characteris- tics to be evaluated. The expanded perlite powder can increase the viscosity by two times, probably due to its pozzolanic effect increasing the content of the CSH phase during cement hydration. The thixotropy can be increased by the quantity of limestone. The computational experiments with ES-models have made it possible for the information set, without a noticeable interrelation between rheological characteristics, to be stratified into subsets, in which such interrelations differ significantly.
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