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Title: Knowledge Management by Construction Management Template for Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Authors: Meneylyuk, Оleksandr
Nikiforov, Aleksey
Keywords: construction management template
knowledge management
construction information modeling
full investment construction cycle enterprise
scientific organization of labor and management
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Organization, Technology & Management in Construction
Series/Report no.: № 14: Issue 1;Р. 2601 - 2615
Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of a new information and communication concept – “construction management template (CMT)”. This concept changes the way knowledge management in construction is due to: taking into account the most effective modern and traditional methods of management; use of information technologies; endto- end integration of different solutions into one information and communication tool. CMT is an information and communication model in the form of a three-dimensional parametric part of a building or structure and the associated resource schedule of works used to plan and control management, architectural, technological, operational, and economic decisions throughout the construction project. Combining different construction solutions and including management innovations, the developed information and communication concept is the latest way to manage knowledge in construction. Development of the information and communication concept CMT takes into account the use of modern software, innovative and most effective traditional methods of managing enterprises of the full investment construction cycle. The practical significance of the results lies in the development of recommendations for: finding and using efficiency reserves in construction management with the help of modern information technologies; development and use of construction management templates for knowledge management. The obtained results allowed establishing the new method of management in construction increases the accuracy and speed of management influences, while reducing the cost of management. Thus, more sustainable development of construction entrepreneurship is possible.
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