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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Search for optimal compromise compositions of fibrous polymer-cement dry mixes with computational materials science methodsVoznesensky, V.; Lyashenko, T.; Sokha, V.; Karapuzov, E.
2017Seepage protection of irrigation canals using horizontal directional drillingMeneylyuk, A.; Petrovskiy, A.; Borisov, A.; Nikiforov, A.
2009Sensors on the basis of aluminum metal oxide filmsVilinskaya, L.N.; Burlak, G.M.
2017Simulation of soil permeability in laminar and turbulent fluid filtrationПетровский, А.Ф.; Борисов, А.А.; Бабий, И.Н.
2017Situation analysis of the management processes of the risks in projectsRybak, A. I.
2017Some aspects of compositional thinking of future architects in art educationBelgorodskaya (Bilhorodska), O.; Kucherenko, K.
1978Some problems of the motion of a solid with a moving massAkulenko, L.D.; Leshchenko, D.D.
1992Some problems on the motion of a rigid body with internal gegrees of freedomLeshchenko, D.D.; Sallam, S.N.
2019Special stability of reinforced concrete structures in aggressive environmentsFomina, I.P.
2017Stability of material in dynamics of structural organizationVyrovoy, V.; Sukhanov, V.; Korobko, О.
Mar-2013Stages of becoming of motion in the protection of rights of consumers: experience of Ukraine.Oklander, T.O.; Konak, K.I.
2014State institutional capacities as basis of investment intensification in building industryTiulkina, K.O.; Frolina, K.L.
2018State regulation of investment activity in building sphere of UkraineFrolina, K.L.
2016Strategic management of evolving project-oriented organizationTeslenko, P.; Polshakov, I.; Bedrii, D.
2017Structural material scienceVyrovoy, V.; Korobko, O.; Zavoloka, M.; Kotsiurubenko, O.
2017Structural Mechanics (general course)Bekirova, M.M.; Shyliaiev, O.S.
2017Studies of coatings from FEP with corrugated base from toothed elements of pyramidal shape on the horizontal and inclined surfacesDumanskaya, V.; Vilinska, L.; Marchenko, V.
2018Study of temperature waves in continuous mediaKovaleva, D.; Chalak, Y.; Pysarenko, A.
2009Surface current in gaas p-n junctions, passivated by Sulphur atomsPtashchenko, O.O.; Ptashchenko, F.O.; Masleyeva, N.V.; Bogdan, O.V.
2015SWOT-аналіз діяльності будівельного підприємстваМихайловська, Д.Ю.; Ажаман, І.А.; Ковтун, О.В.