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Title: Quasi-Optimal Dеceleration of Rotations of an Asymmetric Body in Resistive Medium
Authors: Akulenko, L.D.
Leshchenko, D.D.
Rachinskaya, A.L.
Keywords: quasi-optimal deceleration of rotations
asymmetric body
resistive medium
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International
Series/Report no.: Vol.53, №3;p.338-344
Abstract: A minimum-time problem on deceleration of rotations of a free rigid body affected by a small control torque with close but not identical coefficients is studied; such a problem can be considered as a quasi-optimal control problem. In addition, the rigid body is affected by a small deceleration viscous friction torque. The body is assumed to be dynamically asymmetric. A quasi-optimal feedback control for the deceleration of rotations of the rigid body is constructed, the optimal control time, and phase trajectories are found. The quasi-stationary trajectories are analysed.
ISSN: 1064-2307
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